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Delivery dumplings to Kyiv

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    Traditional Ukrainian dumplings in Kiev

    Dumplings - a traditional dish of Ukrainian cuisine, which are somewhat similar to the Ural dumplings, but a bit more and with different fillings, or Georgian khinkali, but other shapes. Ukrainian dumplings prepared by our ancestors, but to date this dish has not lost its popularity at home. Especially love the dumplings in the capital - Kiev, after all come here often foreigners wishing to enjoy traditional Ukrainian cuisine, and tourists from all over the country. That is why in Kiev so many cuisines and restaurants that specialize in dumplings, and offer guests and residents of the capital hundreds of species of traditional dishes. But there is another way to taste the delicious dumplings from the best cooks - is go to Svitresto site. We have collected a wide variety of menu Ukrainian restaurants and cafes, where you can compare the range and order the popular Ukrainian dishes, among which are dumplings.

    And what got you in stuffing dumplings?

    According to ancient Ukrainian tradition during the holy supper in the evening before Christmas, the owner cooked twelve meatless dishes, among which were the dumplings. Previously, dumplings cooked in the ground or potatoes, or cabbage, or curd, and one of them put a piece of coal. Those who got the coal according to legend, got the charge of good luck for the whole year. Today, this tradition adheres to very few families and housewives cook dumplings with different fillings. You can order online at the website Svitresto most different kinds of savory and sweet dumplings for breakfast, lunch or dinner with the delivery in any of the districts of Kiev. We have dumplings with mushrooms, pate, cherries, nuts and condensed milk, and other interesting ingredients. And if you want to join the old traditions, that make popular Christmas traditional Ukrainian dishes for Svitresto, and carefully place in one of the dumplings coin as a mascot for the fortunate family members who will choose it.

    Dumplings in any of the districts of Kiev from Svitresto

    Website Svitresto provides its services twenty-four hours a day, as we cooperate with many institutions that operate around the clock. Thus, at any time of day or night the inhabitants of Kiev and other cities can enjoy delicious dumplings in the most different areas of the city on the left and right banks of the Dnieper River. Despite the fact that Kiev - a great city, affiliate restaurants are our website