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Pizza Delivery PIZZA HOUSE Kiev

  • Working hours: 10:00 - 00:00
  • Delivery time: 10:00 - 00:00
  • Minimum order: Select the area
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  • Free shipping when ordering from: Select the area
  • Payment method: Cash to the courier
  • Kitchen: American, Vegeterian, European, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese
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The most prompt delivery pizza in Kiev from Pizza House

The main advantages of a modern cafe-pizzeria Pizza House, first of all, is to provide prompt delivery, because it was she attracted to this institution focused customers. In Kiev, it is very difficult to find a really fast and reliable delivery service, because it is a very big city, with a population of more than a million inhabitants. And very often restaurants are really tasty cooked, are at the center of which is necessary to wait for several hours serves. And the messengers of this Italian cafe will find your address and very quickly bring, order pizza hot and fragrant, even for half an hour. Apart from that, there is always a courier for you surrender and you will be able to pay off the card or electronic money. This cafe is a time-tested, and for more than eight years, it offers its services to Kiev, and they leave only positive feedback and nice wishes. Their you can read on e svitresto page, and here is place your order.

Create your own pizza recipe and it will take you home

In Kiev, as in many other cities of Ukraine, a lot of fans of Italian cuisine. And everyone has their own wishes and favorite kinds of delicious dishes, but it so happens that like several kinds of pizza, and it is always difficult to make a choice. But making the order for delivery in Pizza House, you will not have a long time to choose, because you can make a pizza on his own recipe and add all your favorite ingredients. You can choose the size and weight of the food, five hundred and twenty grams per two and eight hundred and sixty for three, as well as specify the desired sauce: creamy or tomato. And the next step - is the choice of ingredients for pizza and tutu, you can give free rein to their imagination, because the menu are a variety of cheeses, sausages, meat, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood and fish, and even fruit that can be added to pizza. It is very convenient and advantageous, because making a pizza, you can save on those products that you do not like.

Varied menu in the cafe Pizza House delivered to your home or office

Despite the eloquent name of the Pizza House menu institutions represented not only pizza, but also diverse, interesting, and one might even say traditional dishes. Here you can order and light salads and hot soups, and even Japanese sushi, which, incidentally, the same quality as those prepared in the most expensive institutions of the capital. Here, every member of a large family or a company can choose a tasty treat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and you will still be able to get a great discount on svitresto service.