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Delivery of hot dogs to Kyiv

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    The most delicious in Kiev hot dogs!

    Hot dog - a famous American dish that got its funny name by accident. It is well known, but at the same time old, meal is a sausage that is served in a soft bun with mayonnaise and garnish. A hot dog is considered street food, but there are also many recipes that turn an ordinary sausage in the dough in an exquisite snack for trendy gatherings and parties. In Kiev, in a special way related to street food, in particular to the hot dog, because such quick practical courses to prepare and suitable for a busy lifestyle. Hot dog - it's a great snack, hearty lunch and a quick breakfast for students, office staff and even busy moms. But to buy the hot dogs on the street is very dangerous for health, and to prepare their own do not always have the time. Website Svitresto offers fast delivery of hot dogs in any of the districts of Kiev just under an hour.

    New recipes old hotdog on Svitresto

    Good old hot dog is known all over the world, but was invented in America, where there is even a national day of hot dogs. Everything in the hot dog depends on the sausage that can be pork, beef and even a vegetarian! Sausages traditionally prepared on the grill, but also it can be baked in the oven or fry in a pan. In addition, the second most important element in the rapid roll serving, is best for a hot dog suit, soft and crunchy French bread made with white flour. And of course, the final addition to the simple but delicious recipe is a garnish - fresh cabbage, carrots in Korean and mayonnaise with ketchup. This is a traditional recipe for a hot dog, which can be ordered, as well as other popular dishes on Svitresto site. But we also have unusual and exotic hot dogs that are easy to impress your friends at a party or his favorite during a romantic dinner.

    Order a hot dog on Svitresto and get a discount

    There is an opinion that the order takeaway unprofitable and expensive, but in reality it is not so! Website Svitresto constantly offers a variety of discounts on various menu expensive and affordable restaurants in Kiev. So, we ordered delivery food is more profitable than to cook it yourself, because the current prices are clearly too high in the shops and markets. Our prompt delivery will help save time on cooking and to give his family, work or entertainment, as well as some institutions are working around the clock and you will be able to replenish stocks of food at a party, even at night.